The AFG Sales Process – we represent quality businesses.  Confidentiality is always paramount.

  1. Introductory Meeting
  2. Evaluation Process (Contact us to see if you qualify for a complimentary fair market evaluation)
  3. Marketing your business
  4. Working with Buyers and Negotiating the Sale
  5. The Due Diligence Process

1.  Introductory Meeting.  The purpose of the introductory meeting is to introduce us and our services while getting to know you, your business, answer all your questions and address the concerns you have in order for us to achieve your goals.  This is just the beginning of developing your trust in us, as we seek to gain and keep your trust throughout the entire process.  We understand what you have accomplished is significant and highly respect the risk you take in obtaining the services of our firm.  AFG strives to do what it takes to make you our most important Client.  Our goal is to ensure that the process goes as smooth as possible for you and keeping you informed each step of the way.  We begin each relationship…Read More

Factors that Affect your Selling Price

There are several factors that affect the selling price of your business.  Not surprisingly, some of the factors play a larger role than others – but not every time and not every business.  Here are a number of the more common factors.  Your time frame.The more patient you are, you have a better chance to sell at a higher price and/or better terms.  Your role in the business.  If you’re one of the few who are fortunate enough to be an absentee owner, that would be ideal.  However, in most cases, the owner plays a much bigger factor in the operations of the business.  The following questions come to mind… Read More

Is this the right time to sell? – Thought you’d be interested…

If you find your company a frequent target of brokerage firms wanting to know if you’re thinking about selling, it’s because it is well know that approximately 50% of all business sales are not the result of careful, years long planning.  In other words, timing can often be unpredictable:  Internal factors – clients, vendors, employees, etc.; external factors – health, personal growth, family gain/loss, etc. and much more.  Here are the most common reasons for selling… Read More