NO FEES TO BUYERS (under most circumstances). Although AFG is typically a Seller Representative company, our promise to all prospective buyers is that you will receive exceptional customer service. Our goal in assisting you with a purchase of a business is to gain your trust through honesty, knowledge and meeting or exceeding your expectations. Indeed, we have worked hard at earning the trust of the Seller and we are fully aware that before you purchase a business, it is critical to you that you trust the owner of the business you are buying. We at AFG have found that the best way for you to gain trust in the owner is for you to earn our trust first. Once AFG has earned the trust of both the buyer and seller, trust between the two parties is a natural, comfortable process without surprises.

We look forward to meeting you in person to discuss your goals and aspirations and introduce you to a number of businesses that could be a terrific fit. It is not uncommon for us to assist buyers on negotiating bank loans and lease assignments, etc. We happily do this for buyers; facilitating certain aspects of the sale is appreciated by our Clients, the Sellers.